Luis Gonzalez

International Localization Social Ads

With the intent of running creative internationally, a project that was supposed to be an Always On creative refresh turned into our first foray into international localized paid social ads.

I first came up with the concept in 2015 and resurfaced the idea when the project came up; how could we quickly create creative that can resonate seasonally. Once the concept was approved we created a system that could be art directed and shot within two weeks of delivery.

We worked with our localization team in Dublin where we researched businesses that would resonate, and shot in to each persona. After much success and engagement in the US, we will be launching the creative in 5 countries (regions for LatAm).


Original Rough Comps

Original Rough Comps

For this idea I worked on breaking the plane, how can we get out of showing devices to give context to the website.

Proof Of Concept

We worked for a couple of weeks on art direction and the narrative of these shorts, but before we could finally go into production we had to do a proof of concept composition for approval. They liked the idea and wanted to test it.

It was one of the highest converting social ads we’ve ran.

Latin America


French Canadian




Donovan Mafnas - ACD
Shira Inbar - Designer
Danny Rutledge - JR Designer
Craig Reynolds - Photographer
Drake Miller - Motion Design Lead / Videographer
Tomika Davis - Retoucher
Sally Simons - Producer
Dominic Hackley - Project Manager