Luis Gonzalez

Save The Children

Challenge: To create a one of a kind campaign that will bring focus to the issue within the United States- a wealthy country that still has children without food or shelter. Over time an invisible barrier has formed stopping viewers from donating, new and innovative concept to break down the barrier.

Solution: For this campaign, new media was sought out to drive the message home. Removing the sympathetic adult figure delivering the message and allowing those in need to tell their stories: the children. Images of everyday children with their mouths removed, and in their place a QR code linked to a YouTube video. The concept stems from the fact that many of these children are passed on the streets and never heard or listened to. Pairing QR codes and smartphones, the audience is encouraged to approach the child and give them the opportunity to be heard. Once finished viewer is directed to a donation page.

I wrote all scripts and art directed/retouched the photography. Photographer: Joshua Weaver.
And YES, this really does work.