Luis Gonzalez

Email Campaigns Case Study

After years in the making, Squarespace was ready to introduce to the world its latest product, Email Campaigns. Newsletter marketing has always been a product dreamt of being offered to our customers in order to reach their audiences.

The brief was delivered three weeks before launch, a tight turnaround to: write, art direct, and lead the creative direction of the product launch campaign. I worked with our Sr Product Designer as well as the lead Product Manager who oversaw the whole process in order to better understand our latest offering.

My challenge was to take the flow of building out a newsletter from scratch, highlighting all the tentpole moments in the process, and distilling it into a digestible product demo film to educate our customers. Alongside the film I also had to develop a visual system of art directed images to be used in marketing emails of my design, on a bespoke landing page, on our social media and assets shared with PR outlets.

Once all was green lit, I led the Content Studio team in filming, shooting, and compositing the film and all photography.

The following will walk you through initial storyboards, mood boards, swipe, and the final deliverables.


Initial Storyboards

Initial Storyboards

After using the product myself, I began roughly creating a story line of an ecommerce customer looking to announce a sale of their products.

We begin in the real world as we push directly in to the product and telling the story through visual UI moments.

Initial Storyboards

Initial Storyboards

A nice way to book end this narrative was pulling back out in to the real world. Though on paper it seemed seamless, this part of the film proved to be the trickiest to capture.

Customer Profile

Customer Profile

Once the story was written, I worked with our Product Marketing Manager on honing in on the type of persona we wanted to showcase. It needed to be a customer that had the right visual point of view and was on brand.

We always like working with and featuring our own customers whenever we can, so after researching a few I narrowed it down to three selections. The final choice being Daniel and Emma whose watch brand was both bright and unique and stood out as the perfect products to feature.

The additional options were from our good friends at Yield Design Co., and Poglia bags.

Art Direction

Art Direction

After selecting our customer to feature, I had to begin giving a point of view and aesthetic to the art direction of the film and photography.

I landed on the gentle palette of beige, reds, and the subtle pop of soft blues. It was welcoming, didn’t overpower, and allowed the product to shine.



I don’t normally take time for BTS as I’m either on my laptop revising designs or watching the monitor for rollback of footage.

However, here’s an example of how some of those push-in and pull-out shots were captured and how they proved to be trickier than we initially imagined.


Once all was completed I worked with a freelance animator and directed him in the motion and timing of the film to create a smooth and quick minute long product demo.

We recorded VO and music to accompany the film and worked on cut downs for social.


After all selects were made I worked with two retouchers to get these images cleaned up and matching our mood boards.

Once we received final images I worked with a JR Designer to finalize all in-screens within the devices. We finalized assets for social, and we prepped email assets for marketing and the 12 pm launch.



Finally, we shared the news with the world.

 Credits:  Anthony Casalena - CEO David Lee - CCO Donovan Mafnas - ACD Dominic Hackley - Project Manager Sally Symons - Producer Steven Neff - Sr Product Designer Tim Miller - Product Manager Monty Wolper - Product Marketing Manager


Anthony Casalena - CEO
David Lee - CCO
Donovan Mafnas - ACD
Dominic Hackley - Project Manager
Sally Symons - Producer
Steven Neff - Sr Product Designer
Tim Miller - Product Manager
Monty Wolper - Product Marketing Manager